Modern Plumbing is proud to bring Indianapolis and surrounding area homeowners Stop The Leak™ Services. Stop Water Leaks before they lead to Catastrophic Water Damage.

With the Stop The Leak™ program, when a leak is detected the Valve Control Unit automatically shuts of the water, notifies the Auto-Dialers and calls up to 6 phonelines to notify homeowners of a leak. So with the Stop The Leak™ Service and the Auto-Dialer programmed with the #1 Indianapolis Plumber, Modern Plumbing can respond to your emergency water leak before water damage becomes a major problem.

How it Works

  1. Wireless Water Sensors are installed throughout your home (toilets, washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, etc.)
  2. The Valve Control Unit is installed on your water valve that allows the water line to be shut off.
  3. The Auto Dialer is installed and programmed to notify up to 6 phone numbers that Valve Control Unit has been shut off (water leak).
  4. Summary: Water Sensor detects water, sends wireless signal to Valve Control Unit, shuts off and notifies home owner.

Why Stop the Leak™?

Since the early 2000's, the average homeowners Total Costs (including replacement of furniture, electronics, etc) versus just the costs of the plumbing repair has increased dramatically. With widescreen televisions, iPods, Xboxes and personal computers to add to your home's furnishings - it's no wonder an untimely water leak can cost much more than just the leak repair.

About 17% of the $310 Billion in property insurance losses is water damage related. Additionally, Insurance Regulators in 46 States have adopted mold damage limitations on homeowner insurance policies, making the average homeowner's mold claim cost $15,000 to $30,000 to repair.

About 40% of leaks are from loose connections or fittings. Multiple claim customers are often required to install leak mitigation products.

Why Stop at Just the Leak?

The Stop The Leak™ services are just one of the services offered in this great program. With Stop The Fire™ and Stop The Gas™ services your home's protection and family's well being are much more secure.

Some of the devices available include the Valve Control, Water Sensor, Smoke Sensor, CO Sensor, Panic Button, Auto Dialer as well as up to 50 SecurityTitan™ Devices.