When you experience a plumbing emergency or have an unexpected plumbing problem, it's easy to panic and you may have some questions.

We have years of experience solving all kinds of plumbing problems, so you don't have to worry about it. We will give you all the options and answer any plumbing questions you have. Here are a few examples of some plumbing repairs we resolved for our customers.

What were they thinking?

Most customers from Indianapolis that call us have had a service person "maybe licensed plumber" come to their home and were not able to find what was causing the issue. Doing a upfront check is always the best way of locating the issue.

I had been called out to a home without water, the prior company "Roto Something" replaced every part in the well system and still no water. Wow, what's next a new house, you think maybe they would have gotten lucky and fixed it. But no sucess... so I ask if they bothered to check if the well had water in it.

If the well has no water then a brand new pump can not pump water. Sure enough well was dry "no water". I though the customer's head was going to spin off... he was so, well you know, not happy. But not to worry I was able to get water back in the well and get life back to norm for the customer. Check it all and inspect everything.

From Mike Jackson Licensed Plumber

One stormy wintery day...

A long time customer, commerial trucking company, called about a huge hill that formed in a grassy area. The hill was 3 feet tall and 10 feet around. After looking at the area I found that the water main in the courtyard had burst and caused the hill.

You never know what you might see.

From Mike Jackson Licensed Plumber

Two weeks ago

My neighbor comes to house and asks me to take care a church member of his. This person had already called another plumbing company and was shocked at the proposal cost. I gave this person several options and costs.

Once he picked his best options he was able to afford, I got to work and the repairs we completed within his means. Most customers are not aware that there is more than only way to make repairs.

From Mike Jackson Licensed Plumber

Last week we had a head scratcher...

A fellow professional plumber called me with his long time customer's problem. His customer had water bubbling in his neighbors driveway and low water pressure in his house. Customer did not want to remove his neighbors drive to repair his water main to his house.

We discussed options and cost of each. The best options was to dig on either side of drive and bore new line under neighbors driveway. Two days later we restored water to his house and customer was very satisfied with the work.

Talking upfront with the customers of options and cost is the best way to build relationships and referrals.

From Mike Jackson Licensed Plumber

Water Heater Leaks

A water heater leaking may not only mean the cost of a new water heater, but can also the added expense of water damage. A water heater check up or periodic inspection can help you avoid a leaking water heater disaster before it happens.

A water heating leaking can cause major water damage in some cases that would lead to needing an Indianapolis water damage restoration company.

From Mike Jackson Licensed Plumber

Water heater leaks can often lead to water damage. For all of your Indianapolis water damage and structural drying needs, contact an Indianapolis water damage expert.